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Coming Home Soon, is an initiative focused on illuminating the dire situation of each hostage through personal stories and messages from around the world.

The interactive installation features 240 books, each representing a hostage: the missing, the freed and those tragically murdered . Visitors are invited to write their own messages, read other messages of hope and support or simply meander through the rows of brightly covered books, each featuring a photo of a hostage on the cover. 


In addition to the live installation, the initiative also includes printed postcards and the online platform. Both of these options provide an opportunity to connect and send a personal message, to be included in the books.

Who Are We?

Coming Home Soon, is the brainchild of a group of Israeli and Jewish women in the Netherlands, joined together by an unwavering determination to raise awareness of the abductees, honor their individuality and offer a platform to create a personal connection. Ultimately, the books will be sent to the freed hostage or the hostages’ families, as a show of solidarity and an offer of comfort. 

Coming Home Soon, is apolitical and endeavors to remind people that each hostage, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian, is a human being and each human being has a story. 

We will Continue This Project Until Every Last Person Is Home

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