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How can you get involved?

Bring the installation to a venue near you:

Host an event showcasing the interactive installation which features 240 books, each representing a hostage: the missing, the freed and those tragically murdered . Visitors are invited to write their own messages, read other messages of hope and support or simply meander through the rows of brightly covered books, each featuring a photo of a hostage on the cover. Ultimately, the books will be sent to the freed hostage or the hostages’ families, as a show of solidarity and an offer of comfort. Printed locally.

Bring the postcards to a local event:

Host an event or coordinate with like minded groups in your area to bring the plight of the hostages to the forefront. Each of the 224 postcards correlates to a hostage’s book. Mimicking the cover of each book with a photograph of a hostage, guests can simply use the QR code on the back to send a message of hope and support on our website. Online messages will be

included in the books by our team.

Add your digital message of hope and support:

These messages will be included in the books by our team.

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