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Benzi Brofma​​​

Benzi Brofman is a muralist / street artist. He is a self-taught artist that never studied art formally and made his way into the world of wall paintings independently. Today, He designs walls for a wide variety of businesses and leaves his artistic mark in different cities around the world.

Benzi Brofman was live-painting at the #NOVA music festival on October 6, 2023, immersed in a celebration of trance legends amid a vibrant atmosphere filled with love and joy. Driven by his wife’s intuition of looming danger, he unexpectedly returned home a day early. Tragically, the festival site was brutally attacked the following day. Profoundly shaken by the loss of friends and new acquaintances, Benzi’s life has irrevocably changed. In the wake of this catastrophe, he contemplates the stark contrast between the profound kindness he has encountered and the shocking brutality he has now witnessed.

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