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Chanan Yablonka


Hanan is a father of two, ages 12 and 9, from Tel Aviv. "Hanan loves life, sports, and music. He is a man of peace," said his mother, Vered Yablonka. Hanan is a people's person, with a warm and captivating smile. He is a fan of Hapoel Tel Aviv, and many people know him from the stands, according to his sister, Avivit. “Every minute without him feels like eternity” she shares with pain.
When Hanan’s parents, Vered an Reuven Yablonka, were asked how they conveyed the situation to Hanan’s children, the response was: "They know Hanan was at the party and that there was a bit of chaos, and he went to help. We currently don't know where he is and are waiting for him."
Hanan was among the thousands who attended the Tribe of Nova Trance music festival near Kibbutz Re’im. He attended the festival with four friends, all of whom were killed by Hamas terrorists. Among them was his close friend, football player Lior Asoulin.
Hanan’s car was found near Kibbutz Mefalsim, a few kilometers from the festival site, with the bodies of Yablonka’s friends, two men and two women, nearby.
Through video, text messages and phone calls the family has pieced together the last few hours before Hanan disappeared. But for more than three months, the fate of Hanan remained unknown. Since October 7, his family waited for any information concerning his whereabouts. Only 91 days after the attack, The IDF has informed the family that Hanan was taken hostage into the Gaza Strip.
Hanan's sister shared in a post: "We were officially informed that our beloved Hanan is a hostage. We will continue to count his days in captivity and pray for his swift return. Brother, I love you. Stay strong a little longer, I promise we will never stop fighting for you."
Reuven Yablonka, Hanan’s father, said: "They've given us hope, it's a sign of life."

The IDF announced on 24/05/24 that during an overnight special operation in Jabalia, Israeli security forces rescued the body of Chanan Yablonka, 42. He was abducted from the Mefalsim intersection to Gaza and killed on the same day.
Chanan’s family, friends, and community are devastated by this immense loss.

Honor the memory of Chanan
Chanan was kidnapped by Hamas, and his family later learned of his murder.
Write a message of support to his family.

Dear Family of Chanan-

sending you 🩷 and 💪🏻 from California.

we can't imagine the pain youre feeling - but please know you have been & are always in our hearts . 🩷 🇮🇱🩷

Dara L.


Pesach 2.



למשפחה של חנן יבלונקה

שמי אמיתי אייזנר ואני תלמיד.ה בתיכון בית ירח בכתה יא'.

קראתי את השיר לחזור הביתה מאת קרן פלס ואני מביא ממנו את השורה "מוצאים שבילים להתגבר".

המילים האלה גרמו לי לחשוב על הקשיים שמשפחות החטופים נאלצות להתמודד איתם.

חשבתי עליכם ועל מה שעובר עליכם ורציתי שתדעו שאני מאמין שלמרות שכרגע הכל נראה אבוד, כל החטופים ישובו, ותמצאו את הדרך להתגבר על הקשיים.

אני איתכם מרחוק,

אמיתי אייזנר.

דנה א.


חנן היקר,

מחכים לראות אותך שב בשלום לביתך בתל אביב, לילדיך הקטנים ולמשפחה שלך שמחכה לך כל יום. שוב במהרה לחיים שקטים שיחבקו אותך. תמר שילו, הולנד


חנן היקר, בני משפחה יקרים,

כמה נוראה אי הידיעה,

המחשבות המפחידות הדאגה וההתמודדות עמה.למשפח ולך חנן,

לא ניתן לתארמה עובר עלייך כל יום, כל לילה., אלא לייחל עם אנשים בארץ ובעולם העושים בכדי שתחזור הכי מהר שאפשר.

עבר זמן כה רב. כמה נורא מה שאתה עובר, קשה לתאר. מקווה שהיחד עם שבויים נוספים קיים. שאתם מחזקים איש את רעהו. הרבה הרבה כוח לך, לכולם. והלוואי ותשו במהרה לחיק המשפחה.

מכל הלב, עפרה. אמסטרדם.

עפרה ג. א.










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