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Hanna Katzir


Hanna and Rami Katzir are among the founders of Kibbutz Nir Oz, where their children, Avital, Elad, and Carmit, were born. Rami, at the age of 79, was perhaps the only tractor mechanic in the country who repaired tractors to the sounds of classical music. He knew precisely the location and condition of every tractor in the kibbutz. Rami, a beloved figure within the kibbutz, was a man with a gentle soul, a calm and pleasant demeanor, and a pursuer of peace.
Living in Kibbutz Nir Oz, Hanna has been a nurturing presence not only to her own family but also to the wider community, particularly the children of the kibbutz, whom she cared for with immense love and commitment. Even as she faced her own health challenges, Hanna's dedication extended to working in the laundry warehouse. Born to Holocaust survivors, Hanna's resilience is evident in her continued contributions to the kibbutz life, motivated by a steadfast concern for the welfare of the soldiers stationed in the Nir Oz area.
The Katzir family faced profound tragedy on October 7th, when Hamas terrorists launched a deadly attack on the southern Israeli communities. During this assault, Abraham ‘Rami’ Katzir was murdered in the safe room of his home, and both Hanna and their son Elad, aged 47, were taken hostage to Gaza.
In a distressing turn of events, the terror organization Islamic Jihad posted a video of Hanna expressing love and concern for her husband, not aware of his demise, used by the group in a cruel attempt at psychological warfare. This was followed by a deceptive statement by Islamic Jihad, claiming Hanna was killed. A subsequent video from Hamas revealed a visibly weakened Elad, mourning the loss of his friend Tamir Adar, also a victim of the attack, and appealing for his own release.

Hanna Katzir was released from Hamas captivity under a temporary ceasefire agreement in late November. She was urgently hospitalized due to severe medical complications stemming from her ordeal. "Our mother is proof that every day in Gaza is a life-threatening danger. The time for the hostages is running out. We know the condition in which they were kidnapped, but it's impossible to predict the state in which they will return," stated Hanna’s daughter.
Upon Hanna's return, the poignant moment of her inquiring about her husband and son’s whereabouts revealed the depth of the family's anguish. The careful consideration given to how to convey the tragic news to her highlights the delicate balance of preserving hope while confronting harsh realities.
In anticipation of Elad's eventual return from captivity, his sisters have lovingly prepared a "rebirth kit," mirroring the one given to Hanna, containing personal belongings and mementos salvaged from their home. This act of preparation serves not only as a ray of hope for Elad's safe return but also as a symbol of the Katzir family's enduring strength and the eventual healing that awaits them.

Dear Hanna,

we here in South Germany made street prayers over 6 weeks and demonstrations -

I had your flyer:

Your name, picture...

So I / we were 🙏 praying over months for you. I am soo glad and happy that you are Released!

We pray for your beloved coming home soon, too!!

Be blessed 🙌

Elfriede from South Germany




Elfriede K.


Maria G.




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