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Lior Rudaeff


Lior Rudaeff's life story is a testament to resilience, community spirit and dedication. Born in Argentina, Lior moved with his family to Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak at the age of seven. Quickly adapting to the kibbutz lifestyle, he soon became an invaluable member of the community.
Married to Yaffa for 38 years, Lior is a family man through and through. The couple has been blessed with four children and two grandchildren. To his grandchildren, he is affectionately known as "Grandpa Lior’chick," a role he cherishes deeply, embodying the joyful and devoted grandfather who enjoys a special relationship with his adoring grandchildren.
A man of many talents, Lior is not only a highly skilled mechanic known for imparting his knowledge of tractor driving to generations of young people, but he is also passionate about road biking. His commitment to helping others and contributing to the community's welfare is evident in his lifelong volunteering within Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak and the broader Eshkol region. Since 1984, Lior has been a committed member of the kibbutz's emergency team.
The routine of his life took a dramatic turn on the morning of October 7th. The cups of coffee he had prepared for Yaffa and himself remained untouched as he answered an emergency call to protect the kibbutz. Accustomed to such calls, Lior understood the gravity of the situation and postponed a planned motorcycle trip to the Ramon Crater. For 40 years, Lior has been the legendary ambulance driver of his community, a role he promptly resumed that fateful day.
In the midst of his brave efforts to defend his beloved home, Lior managed to send a message conveying his injury and expressing his love for his wife and children. That was the last communication received from him; his phone was later located in Khan Younis, Gaza.
That terrible day saw Yaffa confined alone to a safe room for 14 hours, while their youngest son narrowly escaped the massacre perpetrated by Hamas terrorists at the Nova music festival near Re’im.
The uncertainty surrounding Lior's condition is a source of constant worry for his family. They yearn for his presence every day, concerned about his health, especially since he suffered a severe heart attack two years prior and requires life-saving medication, which is denied from him in captivity.
Lior's family, including his brother, sister, aged father, and the entire Nir Yitzhak community, await his return with bated breath.
"He’s my hero uncle," proclaims his niece, Yael, a sentiment echoed by all who know Lior Rudaeff and are inspired by his story of courage, love, and unwavering dedication to his community.
Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water”is one of Lior’s favorite songs. Let’s listen to this awesome song, watch the fantastic video, and send lots of fierce, powerful energy to Lior!

On 8 May 2024 Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak announced that Lior Rudaeff was murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023 and his body was taken hostage to Gaza. Lior was murdered while defending the kibbutz from terrorists
The announcement comes hours after his wife vowed family ‘will continue to fight until you come home’
Lior’s family, friends, and community are devastated by this immense loss.
Honor the memory of Lior

Lior was kidnapped by Hamas, and his family later learned of his murder.
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Pesach 2.








We are heartbroken with the terrible news about Lior Rudaeff.

Hostages Families Forum announceed on 07/05/24 that Lior Was Killed on Oct. 7 and His Body Is Held in Gaza.


Lior left behind his loved wife Yaffa, four children and three grandchildren.



Dear Lior, heartbreaking to heart the sad news. I can only hope that at least your suffering is now over, but I would have wished you a long and happy life with your loved ones. For them the suffering is only vontinuing, I send them love and support <3 <3 <3

Achsa V.


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למשפחה של ליאור רודאיף,

קוראים לנו טליה ולירי ואנחנו גרות באפיקים ולומדות בתיכון בית ירח בכיתה י'א 8.

קראנו את השיר "יהיה טוב אני מבטיח" מאת חיים גורי ואנחנו מביאות ממנו את השורה

"הכל כל כך צועק פה, לא גמור".

המילים האלה גרמו לחשוב על כך שלמרות שהרבה אנשים חוזרים עכשיו לשגרה, המלחמה עדיין לא נגמרה והחטופים עדיין לא חזרו לביתם… תמיד נזכור ונתפלל לשובם.

חשבנו עליכם ועל מה שעובר עליכם ורצינו שתדעו שליבנו איתכם, מחבקות אתכם ותמיד נהיה לכם אוזן קשבת ותומכת.

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