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Sharon Avigdori


Sharon Avigdori from Hod Hasharon is an emotional therapist who works with children on the autistic spectrum. With infinite sensitivity, Sharon is able to reach the closed world of these children and help advance and strengthen their abilities. Additionally, she guides therapists and serves as a parent instructor for parents of autistic children. Sharon loves people and animals. Everyone who knows her immediately falls in love with her, thanks to her huge heart.
Sharon was kidnapped on Saturday October 7 along with her 12-year-old daughter Noam from Kibbutz Be'eri, while visiting Sharon's brother. In addition to them, seven other family members were kidnapped.
Noam and Sharon were released from Gaza after 50 days in Hamas captivity as part of a temporary cease-fire deal, and were finally reunited with their family.

You are an astounding blessing ✨

Anna B.





We were praying for your safe return, and for strength and comfort for your family.  Love from your family abroad.

Matt G.



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